The Power Of A Woman From The Perspective Of Real Men


Women have incredible power… a power that’s often overlooked, even by them. This book was written with the purpose of inspiring women to discover that power—to see that hidden strength and capacity that so many people overlook. I see it… My life has been shaped by the presence of powerful women, and it’s time for me to share the truth. Women are powerful beyond measure. And real men know it.




About The Author

Jay Noland

For over 20 years, Jay Noland has trained thousands of people just like you to realize their self-worth and, in turn, excel in all areas of their lives. It's impossible to outperform your self-image. But if you begin to see yourself as a winner... Indeed, you will begin to win.

As a certified Life Coach and Published Author, his mission is to help you and people like you have a great day, every day, no matter what. It can be done. And it starts with confidence. Whether it's through his books or one-on-one personal coaching sessions, you should see a difference in your life almost instantly!

Just watch who you become through this process.

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